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Golf Business News – The Hidden Dangers of The Golf Fairway


Bernard Gallacher

After the excitement of the US Masters and the arrival of significantly better weather along with longer hours of daylight, golf clubs will undoubtedly be seeing the first real surge of activity.

However, for many players who will not have picked up a driver since last year the fairway can present hidden dangers. When you consider sport and the risk of injury to participants, sports like rugby, football or hockey spring to mind, but for new and seasoned golfers alike, the risk of injury is all too apparent.

  • 1 in 5 golfers admit to hitting another player with their ball
  • 10% of players admit to rarely shouting a warning on the fairway
  • 45% of players say they have been hit by someone else’s ball or club

According to a new report* from Golf Care, more than half of respondents (57%) stated that safety was a consideration when deciding to introduce another adult to the game, with a massive 8 in 10 players saying they considered safety when introducing a child to golf.

Despite safety being such a prominent concern amongst golfers, 10% admit to only rarely shouting ‘fore’ or another warning while playing. Perhaps this is why 20% of players admitted hitting another player with their golf ball and 45% say they have been hit by someone else’s ball or club!

Furthermore, over a third say they have hit a building with their ball and 12% have hit a vehicle, while 5% of players have hit another player with their golf trolley.

Ryder Cup Legend, Bernard Gallacher, commenting on the Golf Care findings said: “There are dangers around. When people get on the course, they are so absorbed in the golf and their swing that they can forget to take precautions. I myself was hit by a golf ball once playing in a tournament. On a par 5 hole I walked off and a Spanish golfer didn’t think he could hit the green and I was walking off. But he did, and the golf ball hit my knee and I collapsed. Always expect the unexpected on the golf course.”

Bernard Gallacher’s tops tips for staying safe on the golf course:

  • Always stay behind play, don’t walk ahead
  • Don’t walk into a practice swing
  • Always shout ‘fore’ very loudly
  • Have spatial awareness always
  • Following a winter break from playing, have a lesson from a golf pro before you go on the course
  • Give the practice grounds your worst shots before you go out on the green
  • Be insured

*Survey of 1494 UK golfers

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