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TaylorMade CEO issues statement opposing ball rollback


TaylorMade Golf has joined fellow equipment manufacturer Titleist in opposing any potential roll back of the golf ball based on findings in a joint study issued last week.

The USGA and R&A offered findings from their annual study on distance, which pointed to a “deviation” in driving distance in 2017 across seven professional tours. Hours later, Titleist issued a response to the findings that questioned the ability to draw significant conclusions from the data provided.

TaylorMade CEO David Abeles has now joined the fray, issuing a statement after reviewing the data from the study and considering the “inferred implications.”

“The TaylorMade Golf Company firmly opposes any potential roll back of product performance or bifurcation of the rules in any form as we believe these movements will be detrimental to the game at every level,” Abeles said. “Any separation from the rules or any step backward in performance would be disadvantageous to the growth of the game.”

In his statement, Abeles painted a picture whereby increases in technology lead to better performance, which in turn drives participation and “brings more joy to the game for all who play it.” Abeles’ stance also puts the company on the same side of the distance debate as both the PGA Tour and PGA of America, who like Titleist, issued responses in the wake of the joint study.

“As the discussion around bifurcation and rollback formalizes, we look forward to having a seat at the table to lend our voice,” Abeles said. “Until then, we will continue to create the best performing products for all golfers.”


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